MTM Hydro 24' Deluxe Telescoping Aluminum Lance

MTM Hydro 24' Deluxe Telescoping Aluminum Lance
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MTM Hydro's 24 ft Telescoping Lance now comes in a shorter box to reduce those costly shipping charges for over-sized shipments! This Telescoping Lance allows you to clean those high places from a safe distance and without the use of ladders. The Telescoping wand series retracts to a seven foot section and through the use of pin locks, opens up to 21 feet. When held at your waist (approximately 3 feet above ground) this allows you to clean at 24 feet up. This hardy lance is manufactured with lightweight Aluminum poles and comes with a belt to limit fatigue during those long contract cleaning days. When compared to other models manufactured using fiberglass and twist locks, this Telescoping Wand stands out as superior in performance and durability. The inlet of this lance has a 3/8" plated steel plug installed on the modified core SG35 spray gun allowing for 4,100 PSI and easy-pull trigger to avoid hand fatigue. At the end of the lance there is a bent 15" plated steel pipe to optimize your cleaning angle along with M22M fitting to thread onto the end of the lance and a 1/4" brass coupler to quickly swap out nozzles and turbo nozzles.  


• 3/8" Plated Steel QC Plug Inlet x 1/4" Brass QC Coupler Outlet

• Max - 4,100 PSI

• Max - 10.5 GPM

• Max - 250° F