Veloci 100' Steel Hose Reel

Veloci 100' Steel Hose Reel
Item Number: SHR
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  • •Veloci's Hose Reels offer a consolidated and organized method for storing your KobraJet hose! Hardware is not included for mounting as this is specific to your setup, however the high grade brass swivel is recognized by many to outperform most other models in the cold water hose reel division.
  • •Simply slide the swivel end of your Kobrajet hose through the opening provided at the side of the reel core and install the 3/8" Male NPT threads into the 3/8" Female NPT threads of the swivel. Do not make a Quick Coupling joint at the swivel as there is not enough space and the bend in the line is too severe. Be sure to allow a small amount of slack at the swivel joint and use the red hose fastener provided to secure the hose at this joint. Using a Whip Line connected to your pump, connect to the 3/8" Male NPT hose reel inlet. When planning, add an extra foot to the distance so as not to bend the Whip Line too severely. Lastly, install the handle with the hardware provided.

  • •Before leaving your hose reel unattended, always engage the locking mechanism on the side of the reel.

    Reel Dimensions

    Total Width11"15"15"20.5"
    Wall Width7.5"12"10"16"
    Core Width4.375"8.75"6.375"12.5"
    Core Diameter4.25"4.25"5.5"5.5"
    Inlet3/8" Male NPT3/8" Male NPT3/8" Male NPT- 9" Pigtail3/8" Male NPT- 9" Pigtail
    Base to Center of Core7.5"7.5"10"10"
    Mounting Bracket4 holes-square - 3.375" to center4 holes-square - 3.375" to center4 slots-4.25" W x 3.375" D4 slots-4.25" W x 3.375" D
    Hole Diameter0.375" Circle0.375" Circle0.375" x 2.2" Slot0.375" x 2.2" Slot
    Pin LockYesYesYesYes
    Mounting HardwareNoneNoneNoneNone