Jurop PN84 Auto Lubrication

Jurop PN84 Auto Lubrication
Item Number: PN84
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Jurop PN84 Pump Specifications:

The Jurop PN84 is an air cooled, sliding vane vacuum pump with forced lubrication and copper oil piping. This vacuum pump features aluminium inlet/outlet conveyors and built-in vacuum with pressure changeover valve.

• Version PN: 1 3/8" (1.375 in) Shaft Size
• Pump Drive Rotation: Clockwise (CW)
• 3" Connections
• Oil Tank Capacity - 2.44 Quart
• Injection-Air cooled
• RPM Range: 900 - 1300
• Maximum Air Flow: 317CFM @ free air, 252CFM @ 18 inHg (inches of Mercury)
• Maximum Intermittent Vacuum: 18"
• Maximum Intermittent Pressure: 21PSI
• Net Weight: 254 LBS
• Recommended Oil ISO 150

PN84 Tech Sheet viewable HERE