Shipping charges quoted on the website are estimates. Due to the nature of the product we ship, and what your order may consist of, dimensional charges may apply and may increase or decrease the shipping charges. We will do our best to ship from the warehouse closest to you and pack your order as efficiently as possible to lower the actual shipping cost. If we're able to do that, we may contact you to let you know the reduced amount.

If shipping charges increase, we will contact you before shipping the order. We cannot ship your order until we get approval from you to do so.

Some items may not be able to be shipped using the specified shipping method. We will contact you if that is the case. For example, very large packages cannot be shipped FedEx or USPS.

Canadian orders: Please note that shipping costs to Canada do not include GST and duties, so actual shipping costs will likely be higher. If so, we will contact you before shipping the order. 


In-stock FedEx Ground items will typically ship by the next business day.

In-stock FedEx Priority Overnight or 2 Day will typically ship same business day. We recommend you contact us via phone, (866) 872-1224, before placing any orders with expedited shipping to ensure accurate and quick shipping times and rates.

USPS Priority Mail will typically ship on the next business day. Priority mail shipping can take up to 30 business days or longer depending on Post Office volume. Priority Mail delivery time is an estimate provided by USPS, NOT a delivery time guarantee. The package may arrive by the estimated displayed time, but it is NOT a promise or guarantee by USPS. Please take that into consideration when selecting Priority Mail as a shipping method.

Shipping claims on USPS will not be filed until this amount of time has been allowed for delayed shipments. Claims with USPS will take up to 5 business days to process before items can be reshipped.


All Truck Freight shipments require that you are available to inspect and unload the shipment. Call-ahead service and liftgate delivery service are available upon request (sometimes at an additional charge). If you are not available for delivery at the appointed time, the shipping company will charge a redelivery fee (typically $100.00).

Concerning damage / shortage for freight shipments:

Make sure you inspect the pallet for damage or shortage. The delivery receipt will mark how many pieces, boxes, hoses are on the shipment. Anything missing or damaged on the shipment MUST be marked on the delivery receipt or you CANNOT file a claim; you will have to re-order those parts at cost.