Preformed Galvanized Hose Clamps

Preformed Galvanized Hose Clamps
Item Number: HBC
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 Buy 25 3" Clamp (4" ID) (price per clamp) for $0.98 each
 Buy 25 4" Clamp (5" ID) (price per clamp) for $1.07 each
 Buy 25 6" Clamp (7" ID) (price per clamp) for $1.21 each
 Buy 50 2" Clamp (2.5" ID) (price per clamp) for $0.71 each
 Buy 50 3" Clamp (3.5" ID) (price per clamp) for $0.92 each


Galvanized Hose Clamps are designed to secure a hose over a fitting, such as a spigot or barb, acting as a seal to prevent fluid from leaking at the connection while also stabilizing the hose connection.

• Size: 2.5" Inner Diameter - suitable for 2" Hose or smaller
• 5/8" Wide, fits HBC300 Clamp Tool
• Material: Galvanized Carbon Steel

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