RIDGID PowerClear Drain Cleaning Machine

RIDGID PowerClear Drain Cleaning Machine
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Introducing the PowerClear™ drain cleaner, your ultimate solution for effortlessly tackling tub, shower, or sink blockages. This powerful, compact, and versatile tool is designed to handle drain lines ranging from 3/4" (20mm) to 1 1/2" (40mm) in diameter. Its lightweight design ensures easy maneuverability, especially in tight spaces such as under a sink. Say goodbye to stubborn blockages as the PowerClear™ combines power and agility, making drain cleaning a breeze. Experience the convenience of a compact yet robust solution for maintaining free-flowing drains with the PowerClear™ drain cleaner.



  • • AUTOFEED® TECHNOLOGY - Keeps your hands clean and free from touching the cable while advancing and retrieving
  • • HEAVY DUTY INNER CORE CABLE - For long life, increased strength and kink resistance
  • • CLEAR COVER - Allows user to view how much cable is remaining
  • • TWO-PIECE GUIDE HOSE - Use one piece for close applications and extension for areas where access is limited
  • • EASY PULL DRAIN PLUG - Drain excess water after each use to extend cable life
  • • GUIDE HOSE - Helps keep work area clean



  • • RIDGID PowerClear Drain Cleaning Machine
  • • AUTOFEED Unit & 18" Guide Hose
  • • 30" Guide Hose Extension
  • • Foot Switch



Attribute Value
RIDGID Part 55808
UPC 095691558084
Drain Capacity 3/4" - 1-1/2" (20mm - 40mm)
Feed Rate 18ft/min (5.4m/min)
Operating Speed 450 RPM
Cable Length 30' (9 m)
Weight 12 lbs (5.4 kg)


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