Veloci Under Carriage Cleaner 2.0

Veloci Under Carriage Cleaner 2.0
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The Veloci Undercarriage Cleaner 2.0 is updated for better maneuverability and the lowest clearance, allowing for use under extremely low vehicles and other tight applications.


• Rated 1500-4000 PSI -Twin-wheel plate with Brass caster for increased mobility and steering

• Four 65° x 1.3 size nozzles evenly disperses pressure

• 40" of reach easily reaches completely across the undercarriage of an average passenger care

• 3" Low-profile design allows you to clean lowered vehicles with aggressive suspension

• High quality brass swivel with pivoting joint and dual wheel system for high maneuverability

• Inline filter pre-installed at QC plug at wheel plate to prevent debris from accessing nozzles